Way back in 2007 I travelled overland to India via Russia, Mongolia, China, South-East Asia and Tibet. I maintained a blog (before blogs were common-place), writing entries using a Palm Pilot, uploading them at internet cafe's on the route.

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Here is a collection of papers I've had published over the years. Primarily academic in nature they cover my more recent interests in Agile through product development to my first academic publication: Heat Stress in Nightclubs.'

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Latest Blog How will it make money?

When was the last time you asked “how will it make money?” What is the first question that you, as a UX expert, ask your client? Maybe you start with the person whose life will be touched by the product you will design: “Who is the customer?” “Who is the user?” “What is the context…

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Customer development going where the fishes swim

There may be a gap in the market, but is there a market for that gap? Get out of the building and test your new product ideas with customers cheaply. Validate at speed, fail cheaply

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About me Marc McNeill

Forward thinking digital business leader with over fifteen year’s experience of delivering customer-centric innovation and change. I bring creative design thinking to problem solving and significant lean and agile experience to drive results quickly. I see opportunities, enthuse, motivate and inspire.

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Author Agile Experience Design

I thought it might be worth writing a book about what I do. So I joined up with Lindsay and practiced what I preach. From concept to cash in six months, pretty good for shipping a book. Want to do good design faster by doing just enough, just in time? Read this.

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