Usability links

Note that many of these are now old and may not work
Jakob Nielsen's Website. All you need to know about usability
Usability - how to do it!
Usability guidelines
Serco Usability Services is one of the largest independent usability consultancy in the UK
HCI guidelines. ACM is the world's first educational and scientific computing society.
Good source of information. Lots of links and articles including compliance, compatibility and usability.
Resources, explanations and discussion brought to you by James Hom (really it is worth a look)
Good stuff! Comparing different usability approaches
Lots of links to W3 Consortium Articles, Designer guides, usability tips, UI tips, creation of browser independent web sites etc .
$3m and 2yrs on studying users results in £10m savings
Why frames are so bad...
A set of navigation and usability rules. These rules aren't written in stone, and it's hard to follow all 12 of them at once. However, it helps to be aware of them so you can make the best design decisions for your own site.
Showcase of sites where "All HTML, script, image, style, and any other associated files must collectively total less than 5 kilobytes in size and be entirely self-contained (employing no server-side processing)."
On the seminar 'Towards a user-friendly web' Jakob Nielsen, Donald
Norman, Brenda Laurel, Ben Scheiderman, Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini and
Danielle van Diemen discussed topics related to usability testing.
Annotated bibliography (includes several links) on HCI
The Coalition for User's Rights Software that does not require taking courses or reading tomes to even begin to understand how to use it. Software that works as promised now, not several versions down the line.
By making a small change to the way they asked users for address information, Staples reduced the number of users who would simply leave the site by 75%
The development of the user interface for a large commercial software product like Microsoft® Windows 95 involves many people, broad design goals, and an aggressive work schedule. This design briefing describes how the usability engineering principles of iterative design and problem tracking were successfully applied to make the development of the UI more manageable. Specific design problems and their solutions are also discussed.
Very comprehensive resources on HCI
How to design a usable interface - more to do with GUI than web, but worth taking a peek at.
Guide to Web usability resources Highly recommended!
"provide(s) you with outstanding usability information for all of your Internet endeavors".
Walks you through the process of setting up and implementing a usability evaluation. You can conduct user testing anytime in your site's development cycle.
provides essential information to help make websites and other software easier to use
Handbook of User-Centred Design
How to test websites
A presentation from Constantine and Lockwood
Another useful usability index
information about almost all of the methods and techniques used in usability evaluation
Provides compelling information on site usability from Customer insites
A forum for professionals about software and Web usability, user interface design, user role models, use cases and task modeling, content and navigation models, user interface architecture, and usability inspections
From Sun microsystems
To usability engineering web resources, including many valuable links
Useful information for web developers
more HCI links
"The world's leading independent information technology testing organization. "