Accesibility links

Accesibility Links

Note that many of these are now old and may not work

General links
Information Architecture lessons - navigation, organisation, labelling etc.
Why should we bother with checking for usability and accessibility?
Our target audience isn't people with disabilities? Isn't accessibility a lot of work? Why not a text-only site, too? We run Bobby and it will take care of it all, right?
The Web Accessibility Initiative - essential reading. The best resource on designing sites for the disabled.
All the information on 'Bobby' tool including the downloadable version and an instant report feature for any site. Also contains information on using the Bobby logo on your site.
A resource site for the disabled - offers some useful research and the chance to submit research requests. Has won an outstanding Website award. Good links to legislation and other sites.
A site dedicated to rewarding sites that offer excellent access to the disabled. Links to the sites that have won awards.
The UK government site on disability - Lots of useful information.
A page that contains 1100 links to usability many of which are useful resources on designing with accessibility in mind.
Technical and basic tips on improving Website accessibility.
A document entitled 'Producing pages that everybody can access' - some very good guidelines.
A good resource for designing for the visually impaired
The Web Access Project - comprehensive study looking at Web accessibility.
A useful article on building an accessible site with a large number of useful links.
Useful links to technology and resources for designing for the disabled.
Part of the excellent IBM site that focuses on accessibility.
A site with links to many of the initiatives that currently exist to promote accessible Web design
A American legal view of accessibility.
Information on the DDA from the Centre for Accessible Environments.